Lucy’s Dating Challenge, Week One.

Lucy’s Dating Challenge, Week One.


Where do I begin! Last week was certainly was a week of firsts!

So as you know I have taken on this Clocked dating challenge. Woke up on Monday and just thought sod it…come at me dating world! Downloaded the app (which is free may I add)…spent a good hour deciding on my interests and likes… lets not even bother mentioning how long it took for me to choose the perfect profile picture (I have no regrets!) and well…began with my 3 daily suggestions!

I’ll be honest with you the three suggestions were not a success – did I mention I’m incredibly fussy – so onto Tuesday! Woke up, did the standard morning routine of checking every form of social media on my phone… then I came to the Clocked app! First suggestion… a quick no, suggestion number two…mayyyybe and then came along suggestion number three! Hello! And then as one over thinking London girls does, I panicked! Do I clock him? What if he doesn’t clock me back? Oh the stress!

So what did I do with…lets call him Mr X? … I clocked him! And…he clocked me back! Yes Girl! Hallelujah!

What happened next I hear you say? There was a moment of silence for while and then he messaged me! We started talking and planned to meet at the Clocked event at The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill the next day! Was I nervous? I was terrified!

So off I popped, a nervous wreck, to the event.  It was surprisingly a really chilled environment with cocktails and food flowing and Mr X (yes he showed up!) was quite simply lovely! We ordered some food and laughed the whole night…mainly at my disastrous eating skills (why I decided to order a burger is beyond me) was it a success? Lets just say we are meeting again next week!

Fingers Crossed!