Lucy’s Winter Dating

Lucy’s Winter Dating


Is it just me or do the days, weeks, months drag when it comes to Autumn/Winter? I guess that’s why people always say winter is “dating season”… why is that? So you’re not alone on the cold winter nights? So you can happily consume as much food as possible and know they are not allowed to judge you, so you get extra presents at Christmas??

I’ve had a good think about this, and I truly believe people want a “winter boyfriend/girlfriend” not for the sake of it and my reasons above…but because…well…it really is the most wonderful time of the year! There’s something about Christmas in London that I can’t get enough of – the lights, the fashion, the terrible carols they play in Boots, the overflow of Christmas events and markets, and the greatest feeling of love! Why wouldn’t you want to share that with someone? I think that’s what I love about the Clocked app, it finds you matches based on your goals and compatibility.

So lets remember this year Londoners…. a relationship is not just for Christmas…its for life! And before you ask…yes me and Mr X are still dating (Ah!), we’re off to the Shoreditch German Christmas market this weekend…I’ll keep you posted.




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