PassionSmiths Power Dating

PassionSmiths Power Dating


When it comes to professional dating and relationship coaching, PassionSmiths are London’s experts. Madeleine Mason, Director of PassionSmiths, was shortlisted for best dating expert in the UK Dating Awards 2014. She and her team know what makes relationships tick.

PassionSmiths are hosting a Power Dating event on September 19th, a Saturday night, at Core Bar, in the heart of London. If you are unfamiliar with the term “Power Dating” here’s the gist of it. A fire session with a person where you shoot exploring questions at one another and get to know each other well before your time is up.

Probably should’ve mentioned…Clocked will be there…giving out free cLocktails when you arrive before 8pm! Whether you’re a single looking for love or for a fun Saturday night full of conversation and dancing, join us for a memorable night! Tickets are available through Eventbrite. Don’t miss out.



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